Horseplay horses are free-leased to the program. Of course, safety is our primary concern, and we screen many horses before deciding which horse will be perfect for our program.

Chester. 15.2h, gray Past career: Chester is a sweet, 12-year-old paint, registered name “Partly Cloudy.” He’s a well-rounded dude, great on the trail and in the arena.

Sweetie pie
Sweetie Pie. Quarter horse mare, 15.1h, liver chestnut. Past career: Sweetie Pie, aka “SP,” started out as a western pleasure horse. Her registered name is “Skip The Cute Stuff,” but she really is a sweetie pie!

Flash. Flash is a 14-year-old gelding who came to Horseplay from a therapeutic riding program that closed. He’s patient and great with both riders who need support and those who are independent.

Farina. Connemara mare imported from Ireland, 14.1h, flea-bitten gray. Past career: eventing pony. Thirty-one years young, Farina has been with the program for more than 10 years. She is the Everready bunny of the horse world—she just keeps going! She finds it difficult to concentrate if she detects carrots nearby.