We welcome your application!

Thank you for your interest in riding with Horseplay Therapeutic Riding Center (HTRC).

The first step toward enrolling in Horseplay is to complete and return the rider enrollment packet . Please click here: RIDER ENROLLMENT PACKET. The applicant or a family member completes the application and your physician completes the medical history form.

A $30.00 non-refundable registration fee (made payable to Horseplay) is required.
Please mail the completed rider enrollment packet, along with registration fee, to:
Horseplay Therapeutic Riding Center
P.O. Box 506
Vacaville, Ca., 95696

Please make a copy of the completed enrollment packet before mailing.

The acceptance and continued participation of a participant in our program depends on the availability of instructors, volunteers and suitable horses and is based on our determination that we can safely accommodate the participant.

To enroll in HTRC’s program, riders must be at least four years old. In addition, we have a maximum weight limit of 200 lbs.

A complete list of Horseplay’s policies are included in the rider enrollment packet.

Fees and Policies:

  • Riders have the option of riding weekly or every other week.
  • We charge a $30.00 registration fee, to be included with the completed rider enrollment packet.

Horseplay charges $40.00 per 45 minute session . Families are billed one month in advance. The total cost for a year of riding is averaged over 12 months so families pay the same amount each month.

Rider tuition covers only one-third of Horseplay’s expenses, and we rely on private donations too.